Happy children create a happy world.

Doogasi GmbH believes that all children in the world should be happy. We believe that when children grow up healthy and happy, our world becomes brighter and more prosperous. Furthermore, we see it as our responsibility to help children grow happily and have hope for the future.
As a social enterprise, we promise to fulfil our responsibilities and obligations, striving to carry out corporate social responsibility activities with an "Open Heart". Through various activities, we aim to embody the values of a beloved and trusted company. Additionally, we actively encourage and support our employees' volunteer activities with open hearts, helping them participate in more compassionate initiatives.

We work with NGOs for a better future.

Believing that happy children create a happy world, Doogasi GmbH regularly donates all online shopping mall advertising revenue and a portion of online and offline sales revenue to children through Save the Children and Lions International. In addition to financial support, we also back initiatives focused on self-help, home culture, education, and projects for children and youth.

Promote your brand and boost sales by engaging in beautiful giving!

We regularly donate all advertising revenue and a portion of online and offline sales revenue to support children in need.