Shipping and Delivery

Daitso offers a variety of shipping options, allowing you to receive your favorite products throughout Germany in your preferred way, saving you time and energy.
For frozen, refrigerated, and fresh products, we ensure the best product condition during delivery by packaging them with ice packs (gel packs) in an icebox (cool pouch).
To guarantee top quality, orders placed after 1 PM on Thursday, as well as orders placed on Friday and over the weekend, will be shipped sequentially starting the following Monday.
Depending on the type of frozen or refrigerated goods, groceries, and products requiring packaging, the total packaging weight can be around 3-4 kg. Please note that despite the refrigerated packaging, the cooling effect may diminish during transport, leading to thawed products upon delivery.
Please store the products in the freezer or refrigerator upon receipt.
The icebox and ice packs are reusable, and the cool pouch can be easily disposed of with paper waste.

General Standard Shipping Guidelines

※ General standard Shipping is based on the weight of the packaged package being 30 kg or less.
If the packaged package weighs more than 30kg, an additional shipping fee will be charged.

Free Shipping Criteria by Product
  • Baby Clothing : Free shipping on purchases over €15
  • Beauty or Body Products : Free shipping when purchasing 4 or more items
  • Food Products : Free shipping on purchases over €70
  • Combined Orders : Free shipping on combined orders over €70
At Daitso, we are committed to providing you with a pleasant and convenient shopping experience.


What shipping Options Does Daitso Offer?

<Option 1>DPD Standard Shipping

※ The delivery date is calculated from the shipping date in business days. On average, it takes about 2-3 business days for delivery to be completed. (Legal holidays and public holidays in your area are not included.)
We offer standard parcel delivery for large items. Additionally, standard delivery options may vary depending on the product and location. Delivery is handled through the logistics service provider DPD. If you need to receive parcels at a DHL Packstation due to the nature of your residence, please contact our customer support centre.

<Option 2>DAITSO Direct Delivery

※ Delivery is available for orders placed before 3:00 PM, with a minimum order value of 50 euros or more, for same-day delivery. Delivery is only available on weekdays, and there is no delivery service on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. Please refer to the delivery section below for more details.

What are the standard shipping costs and shipping period?

DPD Standard delivery within Germany

※ All costs include statutory VAT.

Shipping fees vary depending on the purchased items, weight, and volume, and are automatically calculated at checkout.
  • For food and combined shipping, free shipping is available for purchases over 70 euros.
  • For Baby products, free shipping is available for purchases over 15 euros
  • For beauty and fashion products, free shipping is available for purchases of 4 or more items.
The Shipping time within Germany is typically 2-3 business days. (Legal holidays and public holidays in your area are not included.)
If the maximum weight for delivery, 30kg (packaged weight), is exceeded, additional charges may apply. Parcels exceeding 30kg may be split into two for delivery.

How can I track my shipment?

All shipments come with a tracking number. To track your delivery, please visit the tracking page of the respective logistics service provider and enter the tracking number. This allows you to check the delivery status in real-time.

The ordered item has not been shipped yet.

Generally, shipping operations are conducted during business hours from Monday to Friday.
  • If you have ordered refrigerated or frozen products or fresh food items, orders placed after 3:00 PM on Thursdays are typically shipped the following Monday to maintain the highest quality.
  • While we may have already dispatched your order, there might be delays in updating the information in the courier's system.
  • In cases of errors in orders (such as address, inventory, or shipping weight errors), we contact customers via phone or email to provide guidance. Once the error is rectified in coordination with the customer, the items are reshipped. Please check your email for any updates from us.

Is it possible to deliver to a DHL Packstation?

If you prefer shipping service through DHL, please contact our customer support center.

What happens if I'm not at home when the delivery company attempts to deliver the item?

If the recipient is absent, delivery may be delayed. If you are not home at the agreed-upon time, it is quicker to contact the pickup point or transportation company directly. 
 If you miss the first delivery attempt, the carrier or retailer will contact you to rearrange the delivery schedule.
However, delivery charges may be incurred for the second or third delivery attempts.

My shipment arrived damaged.

Please check the packaging condition when the product arrives. If the item is damaged or broken while shipping, it is best for the recipient to report the damage to DPD on the same day. Afterwards, please contact the Daitso customer support centre.

I received a different item from what I ordered.

If you contact the daitso Customer Centerour customer service team will take action as quickly as possible.

There have been issues such as delivery delays and errors in the delivery address.

For accurate delivery, please ensure that your address information is entered correctly. We are not responsible for any delivery delays or losses caused by incorrect shipping information. For inquiries regarding issues such as delays during delivery or address errors that occur during shipping, please contact the customer center of the relevant local courier directly.

Can I receive the product in countries other than Germany?

We currently offer DPD international parcel delivery to the following countries:
  • Zone 1-1 Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg
  • Zone 1-2 Czech Republic, Denmark, Switzerland, Liechtenstein
※ Shipping costs are automatically calculated at checkout based on packaged weight, region, and country.
※ Delivery times typically range from 3 to 8 days (business days).

The following countries are planned for future expansion of our delivery services:
  • Zone 1-3 France, Monaco, United Kingdom
  • Zone 1-4 Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary
  • Zone 1-5Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden
  • Zone 1-6 Finland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Estonia
  • Zone 1-7 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia

Order today, Delivery today!

Daitso's same-day delivery service is available in some areas and zones in Düsseldorf and its surrounding small and medium-sized cities.  
Daitso's same-day delivery, which enhances customer satisfaction, will be gradually expanded in the future. 
Receive products ordered and paid for over €50 by 3 PM today by 6 PM today.
If you are in an eligible delivery area or zone, please select 'Daitso Direct Delivery' at checkout.
Please make sure to provide a contactable mobile phone number or landline number for delivery.

  • Düsseldorf / Duisburg / Ratingen
  • Neuss / Meerbusch / Krefeld / Moers


Is there a minimum order amount and delivery fee to use the delivery service?

Delivery service is available from a minimum order amount of €50. Delivery fees may vary depending on the total order amount and region/region.

How can I receive same-day delivery?

The delivery cut-off time is for orders that are paid for before 15:00 on the same day and will be delivered on the same day. Orders received after the cut-off time will be delivered the next day.
Delivery time is between 17:00 and 20:00 on weekdays (Mon-Fri) and may be slightly delayed depending on traffic conditions. There is no delivery service on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

If you are in an area where delivery service is available, enter the delivery address in the payment window and select 'Daitso Direct Delivery' as a delivery option.
Please be sure to enter a mobile phone number or landline phone number where you can be reached.

I'm curious about the postal codes for the areas/regions eligible for delivery.

다잇소 당일배달 서비스는 뒤셀도르프와 그 주변의 중소도시 등의 일부지역과 구역을 대상으로 서비스가 제공되며, 향후 순차적으로 확대될 예정입니다.
배달서비스 지역을 아래 우편번호로 확인하세요.

※ 뒤셀도르프 Düsseldorf
  • A zone- 40489, 40474
  • B zone- 40468, 40476, 40470, 40472
  • C zone- 40211, 40477, 40479, 40233, 40235, 40237, 40239, 40225, 40591, 40227, 40229, 40231, 40215, 40217, 40219, 40221, 40223, 40625, 40627, 40629, 40545, 40547, 40549

※ 두이스부르크 Duisburg
  • A zone- 47051, 47053, 47055, 47057, 47058, 47059
  • B zone- 47226, 47228, 47229, 47239
  • C zone- 47249, 47259, 47269, 47279

※ 라팅엔 Ratingen
  • A zone- 40878, 40880, 40882, 40883, 40885

※ 노이스 Neuss
  • A zone- 41460, 41462, 41464, 41466, 41468, 41469, 41470

※ 미어부쉬 Meerbusch
  • A zone- 40667, 40668, 40670

※ 크레펠트 Krefeld
  • A zone- 47798, 47799, 47800

※ 뫼어스 Moers
  • A zone- 47441, 47443, 47445, 47447

I can't see the 'Daitso Direct Delivery' shipping option at the checkout, what should you do?

If you do not see the 'Daitso Direct Delivery' delivery option in the payment window, the delivery address is in a region/area where this service is not provided. Delivery areas/areas are provided to select areas/areas and are scheduled to expand sequentially in the future. Please refer to the postal code of the delivery area. For inquiries regarding delivery, please contact Daisso Customer Support Center.

Is same-day delivery available for fruit and vegetable orders as well?

For fruit and vegetable delivery services, orders placed from Monday to Thursday (before 3 p.m.) will also be delivered on the following Monday of the next week, similar to the delivery service.


Can I return my order?

For general products, if there is a problem with the delivered product or you would like to return or exchange it, please contact the customer support centre within the statutory cancellation period (14 days after receiving the product). 
You can then return the product to the seller. can.

Are there any products that cannot be returned?

In principle, some items cannot be returned, such as refrigerated or frozen foods, foods that may spoil, products with damaged seals, and hygiene products. In particular, products that have been personalized or adapted to the customer's needs are excluded from the statutory right of withdrawal. Further information on products excluded from cancellation rights can be found in our Cancellation Policy.

By when do I have to send a return?

You must return the package to your local courier, Paketshop, within 7 days of receiving the return label from Daitso.

How can I help you?

Do you need help using a service or returning a product? Please contact Daitso Customer Support Centre. We will be happy to provide further assistance and help you find a solution.